Sirius Model

Sirius Model

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Sirius Satellite radio worth getting?

I definitely want to get Sirius for NFL and NBA. However, I just found out that they don't come with stored power (i.e. a battery) nor speaker outputs nor portable antennae (it needs to be mounted.) The new portable model is over 300 bucks, but it doesn't have a portable antennae, but it does do mp3.

My gut says I should wait another year. Thoughts?

the newest portable does have an internal antennae....its completely portable........and it has wi-fi too and mp3 storage capabilities......... its the best..........

Tivoli Audio Model Satellite AM/FM/SIRIUS Satellite Radio


NHL GameCenter streaming coming to Roku, PS3
In addition to an updated app for Boxee , the NHL just announced its GameCenter streaming app is coming to the PlayStation 3 and Roku players. Free to PlayStation Plus members ($9.99 for all others, free on Roku) gamers get access to the app with its highlights, stats and information, while subscribers to the $169 GameCenter Live service get the full package including streaming out-of-market ...

admin posted at 2008-2-19 Category: satellite radios etc.

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